Catherine Evans: Unearthed series 2009

The Evelope Residency

"This transition to a new age requires a change in our perception and conception of space-time, the inhabiting of places , and of containers, or envelopes of identities"

- Luce Irigaray

The Feminist Salon is a group of artists, writers and performers who meet regularly to read and discuss the texts of French theorists working in and around issues of contemporary psychoanalytic discourse, philosophy and constructions of ‘the feminine’. The Envelope residency at the West Wing is inspired by Luce Irigaray’s thoughtful, poetic and ultimately empowering proposition of ‘The Envelope’ as a space where identity, desire, sexuality and meaning can be constructed. The week long residency will engage this new space and the public with numerous possibilities of discussion, sensorial experience, performance, film, sound and visual art.

The Envelope Residency at the WEST WING MAY 24-30

Program Highlights -

Wednesday 26th May, 7pm : reading group, all welcome, text provided.

Thursday 27th May, 5.30 pm : knitting workshop, some materials provided, BYO if you have them.

Friday 28th May, 7pm : talk and discussion on Luce Irigaray’s notion of space, time and the feminine, with Dr. Louise Burchill, video presentations following.

Saturday 29th May, 7pm : performance night and films to follow.

Come and drop by and do some reading from our library or just have a chat on the leather couch.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

West Wing Residency comes to an end

After a week of great discussions, food, videos, art and books 'The Envelope' residency has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who came along and made the residency so successful!
Films and Videos were presented by Anastasia Klose, Kate Just, Hannah Raisin, Victoria Duckett and Catherine Evans. A stunning performance was presented by Inez de Vega and a sound installation by Jane Whitfid. Our special thanks to Dr.Louise Burchill for her generosity and insightful talk on the Friday night, which posed some thoughts in progress regarding Irigaray and space/time parameters. We would like to thank Phip and the team at West Space for their fantastic encouragement and support! If anyone would like to continue the dialogue and community in future Salon evenings and events, please contact Caroline on or Sarah on

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

watching anatomy of hell

interview with catherine breillat

Wednesday night. We scrapped the reading group and watched anatomy of hell instead. We had lots of visitors too from upstairs as there was Next Wave event on.